Annual 4th Krasnoyarsk Logical Workshop (14.Jan.22): Dedicated to the 4th World Logic Day

пр. Свободный, 79, ауд. 34-17 + Online

The 4th annual Krasnoyarsk Logical Workshop, dedicated to the World Logic Day, took place on January 14th at 18:00 local time (CET+6).

What is special about January 14th?
- January 14 - New Year according to the Julian calendar;
- January 14, 1901 - the birthday of Alfred Tarski;
- January 14, 1978 - the day of the death of Kurt Gödel.

The event was supported by Department of Algebra and Mathematical Logic and Krasnoyarsk Mathematical Center. Information and technical support for the event was provided by IM&CS Youth Center.

In 2019, supporting the proposal of Jean-Yves Béziau, our logical team organized the 1st Krasnoyarsk Logical Workshop dedicated to the celebration of the 1st World Logic Day (a lot of useful information about the worldwide celebration of Logic Day in 2019 is available in the article by Jean-Yves). Later that year, 14 January 14th was proclaimed by UNESCO (including thanks to our support) as a official World Logic Day (here see proclamation).

In 2020, already in the status of a UNESCO official date, we have successfully organized the 2nd workshop (for more details, see here).

In 2021, amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Krasnoyarsk Logical Workshop was held online in the form of the Zoom conference as an official even of the World Logic Day project of UNESCO through CIPSH (Conseil International de Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines). The third KLW became the largest in terms of geography and the number of members: it included 16 participants, among them, 2 doctors and 7 candidates of sciences, 6 undergraduate and graduate students, and one post-graduate student.

In 2022, the workshop was held in a mixed format with covid-free restrictions for participants:

  • everyone was able to take part in full-time participation in the seminar without prior registration in room 34-17 of the Institute of Mathematics and Fundamental Informatics of the Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk, Svobodny ave., 79).
  • for online participation we made a simple registration form. The link to the event was available only to registered participants.

Participation was available to everyone (including junior students).

Applications for participation with a report were accepted until January 13, 12:00 local time (CET+6).

Organizing Committee:
Stepan I. Bashmakov (chairman), Tatyana Zvereva and Alexander Astrotenko

Within the framework of the workshop, several scientific reports were held - with a methodological and historical nature, and setting out new scientific results. The traditional coffee break, dedicated to the celebration of the traditional Russian holiday - Old New Year - was also took place.

We started the meeting at 18:00 local time (12:00 CET). The program of the workshop was being formed and is available here:

18:00 - the beginning of the meeting

  • 18:10 Vitaly V. Rimatsky (SibFU, Krasnoyarsk) - "Globally admissible rules for logics with WCP" (online);
  • 18:25 Sergei A. Drobyshevich (IM SB RAS, Novosibirsk) - "About some four-valued modal logics" (online);

19:00 - virtual coffee break
19:20 - the second half of the meeting

  • 19:20 Stepan I. Bashmakov, Tatyana Yu. Zvereva (SibFU, Krasnoyarsk) - "On a hybrid method of proving fmp for LTK.sl_U" (Supported by RFBR, Krasnoyarsk Territory and Krasnoyarsk Regional Fund of Science, project No. 20-41-243002).

Selected photos of the workshop:

4th Krasnoyarsk Logical Workshop

T.Yu.Zvereva, K.A. Smelikh

Report by V.V. Rimatsky (online)

Report by S.A. Drobyshevich (online)

A.A. Mukosiy, A.V. Astrotenko

Report by S.I. Bashmakov

E.A. Donets, N.L. Kamyshev

Report by S.I. Bashmakov

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