2nd Krasnoyarsk Logical Workshop (14.Jan.20): Dedicated to the 2nd World Logic Day

пр. Свободный 79, ауд. 34-17

In 2019, supporting the proposal of Jean-Yves Béziau, our logical team organized the 1st Krasnoyarsk Logical Workshop dedicated to the celebration of the 1st World Logic Day (a lot of useful information about the worldwide celebration of Logic Day in 2019 is available in the article by Jean-Yves). Later that year, 14 January 14th was proclaimed by UNESCO (including thanks to our support) as a official World Logic Day (here see proclamation).

Therefore, in the name of creating a new good tradition and with the auspices of UNESCO, we organize the 2nd Krasnoyarsk Logical Workshop, which also was held on January 14, 2020 within the walls of our University.

As earlier, the event is supported by Department of Algebra and Mathematical Logic (represented by Stepan I. Bashmakov), as well as IM&CS Youth Center (represented by its leader Tatyana Zvereva).

What is special about January 14th?
- January 14 - New Year according to the Julian calendar;
- January 14, 1901 - the birthday of Alfred Tarski;
- January 14, 1978 - the day of the death of Kurt Gödel.

Within the framework of the workshop, several scientific reports was held - with a methodological and historical nature, and setting out new scientific results. In addition to reports, we also hold a coffee break dedicated to the celebration of the traditional Russian holiday - Old New Year.

16:00 - the beginning of the meeting

  • Mikhail I. Golovanov - "On the logical research of graduate students at the Department of Algebra and Mathematical Logic since the 1980s"
  • Vitaly V. Rimatsky - "Description of weak co-cover property (WCP)"

17:10 - coffee break
17:30 - the second half of the meeting

  • Stepan I. Bashmakov - “The idea of unification tree"
  • Tatyana Zvereva - "Unification and finite model property for one temporal logic of knowledge with the universal modality"
  • Alexey Rodyushkin - "On the correctness of the logic POS regarding the Possible Worlds semantics".

The workshop provided a coffee break for participants. Selected photos of the workshop:

М.И. Голованов

В.Р. Кияткин, И.А. Марковская, А. Родюшкин

А.В. Кошелева и другие участники

В.В. Римацкий

Участники воркшопа

Участники воркшопа

Докладчик В.В. Римацкий

Докладчик С.И. Башмаков и участники

Докладчик Т.Ю. Зверева

Участники воркшопа

Part of the reported study was funded by Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Government
of Krasnoyarsk Territory, Krasnoyarsk Regional Fund of Science, the research project No. 18-41-240005.

Башмаков С. И.

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