1st Krasnoyarsk Logical Workshop (14.Jan.19): 1st World Logic Day

пр. Свободный 79, ауд. 34-17

Following and supporting the proposal of Jean-Yves Béziau, the Krasnoyarsk Logical Seminar in 2019 will be held on 14 January 2019 and will be devoted to the celebration of the 1st World Logic Day.
(More information about the idea of organizing such a Day is available here.)

The event is held with the support of the Department of Algebra and Mathematical Logic (represented by Stepan Bashmakov), as well as the Youth Center of IM&CS (represented by its leader Tatyana Zvereva).

What is special about January 14th?
- January 14 - New Year according to the Julian calendar;
- January 14, 1901 - the birthday of Alfred Tarski;
- January 14, 1978 - the day of the death of Kurt Gödel.

In the framework of our memorable event, we will not only honor the memory of well-known logicians, but also pay tribute to the native discipline that lives and flourishes. We are organizing a workshop, that will includes the following confirmed reports:

14:00 - the beginning of the meeting

  • Mikhail Golovanov - "Models of natural arithmetic"
  • Irina Markovskaya - "Peano arithmetic"

15:00 - coffee break
15:20 - the second half of the meeting

  • Vitaly Rimatsky - "Fuzzy Logical Inference"
  • Stepan Bashmakov - " Modal Languages"

The workshop provides a coffee break for participants. Selected photos of the workshop:

В.В. Римацкий и В.Р. Кияткин

Докладчик М.И. Голованов

В.В. Римацкий

студентка 3 курса Т.Ю. Зверева

Докладчик М.И. Голованов

студентка магистратуры И.А. Марковская

М.И. Голованов приглашает следующего докладчика

Докладчик В.В. Римацкий

Студентка 3 курса и фотограф заседания Т.Ю. Зверева

Докладчик В.В. Римацкий

Докладчик И.А. Марковская

Высоконаучные дебаты

И.А. Марковская завершает доклад

Докладчик С.И. Башмаков

Совместное фото участников 1-го Дня логики

Part of the reported study was funded by Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Government
of Krasnoyarsk Territory, Krasnoyarsk Regional Fund of Science, the research project No.

Bashmakov S.I.

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