About institute

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of SibFU is based on mathematical faculty of Krasnoyarsk State University. Mathematics Department - one of the first departments of the university. It was founded in 1969 simultaneously with the formation of KrasSU, although its first departments have been going on since 1964, with the formation of the Krasnoyarsk branch of the NSU.

Mathematics has always been at the heart of the exact sciences. It is the foundation of all the natural sciences and engineering sciences. In recent decades, the role of mathematics has been intensified. This is due to the fact that mathematical methods are base in the rapidly changing world of information technology. With the help of mathematical methods we study the structure of crystals, calculated nuclear reactors, satellites orbit space stations predicted situ minerals and weather forecasts, analysis of economic processes and optimizes the management of industry and traffic, makes the diagnosis of disease and calculated operations deciphered ancient manuscripts justified conclusions of sociological research.

Experienced a radical transformation in recent years and the very system of mathematics. There are new mathematical disciplines: homological algebra and differential topology, geometry and computer science. Significant changes have undergone the traditional branches of mathematics: algebra and mathematical logic, analysis and theory of differential equations, probability theory and mathematical statistics.

Scientists Mathematics Institute of Mathematics make a significant contribution to the development of their science. Many of them are internationally recognized experts. Suffice it to say that at the Faculty of Mathematics and worked Academician MF Reshetnev, Academician Yu Shokin, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences VG Dulov works Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences VV Shaidurov. The Institute has many of their disciples and followers.

The Institute provides training on speed training system: Bachelor (4 years), Master (2 years). In each specialty in the Faculty has postgraduate study, a doctorate. The faculty has developed scientific links with schools in other countries. Faculty members are training and working on contracts and grants in Germany, USA, Italy, Sweden, Japan, Turkey, Spain, France and other countries. At the institute operates two council for the defense of doctoral and master's theses, thus carried out a full range of undergraduate and postgraduate education - from undergraduate to doctorate. The dissertation council Д212.099.25 on specialties 01.01.01 (Real, complex and functional analysis) and 01.01.06 (Mathematical logic, algebra and number theory), created at the institute, has been active. Thus, the full range of graduate and postgraduate education is presented in the institute, from the bachelor to doctor of science.

Institute graduates work in different sectors of the economy: aviation, rail transport, high-tech modern industrial production, banks, insurance companies, management structures, research institutions, universities, schools. Many start his career, being still students of the third - fifth year. The Institute actively conducted scientific work. The Institute of Mathematics employs 25 doctors and more than 50 candidates (and all - about 100 teachers). Best undergraduate and graduate students are trained abroad (England, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Japan, USA). Russian university degree in mathematical specialties recognized in all countries of the world, which indicates a high level of mathematical education in Russia.

The faculty is proud of its graduates - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences VV Filippov, VM Kiselev, ND Podufalov, Tsikh, AM Kytmanov, NN Tarkhanov, SI Senashev, VM Levchuk, SV Znamenskii, AM Sozutov, YaN Nuzhin, VI Senashev, AA Shlapunov, SG Myslivets, VA Bolotov, VR Meyer, ID Frumin, NM Suchkov, SG Kolesnikov.